Bags are coming!

Bags are coming!

Hey guys!

Coming in with a shipping update! (Gonna try and keep this to short,sweet and to the point so not waffle to much but if i miss anything please chuck me a Email!) 

A hUGE 74 boxes shipped to me 3 weeksish ago, Which are due to arrive early march! (Rip my apartment and concierge who will scream at the sight) The bomb pouchettes actually shipped way back early December so they should be arriving very soon, when they do I'll be shipping them out straight away!


What shipped!?

So the bags didn't ship on time due to several factors. Mostly as I was super picky about quality and had somethings re-done. Venti and Albedo were perfect and are in the 74 boxes. Xiao and Taroumaru also managed to be finished in time for CNY (Yey!) So they've also been shipped out! 

Klee and Hutao were the problem kids. Klee was entirely fixed but only half managed to be packed and shipped in time. This will affect pre orders depending on when you ordered, The klee bags will be assigned and shipped in date order. But the remaining bags will likely arrive by the time all these bags are wrapped and sent out so it shouldn't be much of a issue. Hutaos sadly wasnt fixed in time, the only thing left was reattaching her bows but the factory workers had to of course go home for CNY. Their back today and will hopefully get the bows attached and shipped out asap! This honestly shouldn't be a huGE step back either as the same as klee, the time between these 74 boxs arriving and the next batch arriving will probably be how long it'll take to pack up all the albedo,venti, xiao, taroumaru and klee orders! So it just means Hutao orders will be shipping after those.

In regards to kokomi and shogun, I've been told they'll still be finished by April, as soon as i have videos of those in production i'll share them of course! Meaning they're likely arrive as soon as i finish packing the remaining klees and hutaos! So its a nice train of packing!

I of course super Apologise for the slow update! I wanted to make sure i do one update a month but as i was having back and forth calls with my manufacturer discussing what i wanted re done and what could be fixed in time it didn't feel right to post a update while things were still in the air! I really didnt want to send out bags i wasn't 100% happy with so I do believe this tiny last delay was worth it!

If you have ANY concerns/worrys/requests please send me a Email!! If you've ordered multiple bags due to arrive different times i'm likely to be shipping your bags separate so you get at least some of your pledge faster! (This extra cost will be my own! you will not be charged shipping twice!!)

Bag future!?

For those who have asked I DO have more bags planned for Genshin impact but i likely wont be doing pre-orders for them or anything the future so its a wee less stressful to organise! 


Thank you for stiCKING with me! We're on the home stretch now!!

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