Shipping update!

Shipping update!

Hey Everyone! 

Lets finally share kickstarter updates over here for store pre orders huh!

If you follow my social media your'll already be well aware of this but lets go over it in more detail now!

Lets talk shipping delays

The bags are separated into 3 batches! 

Batch 1 - Klee, Albedo, Hutao, Venti + bomb pouchette

Batch 2 - Xiao + Taroumaru

Batch 3 - Kokomi + shogun

I'm confident many of you are already aware of delays in manufacturing in china due to power outages and lockdowns. Which did affect our samples unfortunately,  thankfully this hasn't affected the bulk manufacturing of Batch 1 Hurray! 

 Batch 2 is currently in manufacturing  and is down to be finished before CNY. Batch 3 is in the limbo of 'we will try' Both myself and my manufacturer would obviously prefer batch 2 + 3 to be completed to together to condense the orders and ship all in one go in bulk shipping. But I'm not going to hold batch 2 if it can be shipped sooner so if Batch 3 cannot be completed the same time as Batch 2 I'm going to ship them separately. In which case Batch 3 would be shipped soon after. 

So Batch 1 is still set to leave china and make its way to me super soon now. The problem here is shipping. International BULK shipping is having massive delays. What was once supposed to take just a few weeks is now estimated to be 2 monthes. This means bags will now no longer ship from me until February. I know this is super disappointing and we spent time looking at other shipping options, but just nothing could make it to the UK with any form of speed Thanks to (I'm sure you can guess) the covid pandemic. 

The positive note for international pre orders I've potentially found a safer and faster way to ship the majority of the bags when they do arrive. So originally we were hoping to be shipping all bags late December, considering the holiday season this would be a expected delivery date for Late Jan - February. International shipping can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks and I literally had one package take 11 weeks not long ago.

This new way, if it all works out is obscenely faster. I'm going to do some test shipments with my store first and if it all goes well i'll use it for our bags! This will in no way effect the shipping totals you've already paid as any extra costs would be swallowed by myself. Hopefully it will make up for the delay in shipment and would mean the bags for international orders would only be delays by a few weeks.

If you have any questions or concerns please email me asap and we can sort it out! I know this is crazy disheartening and we honestly tried everything. The world is in such a fragile state right now delays seems to becoming a norm with manufacturing and its something i'll take into consideration next time for sure when bulk ordering products.

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