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Genshin impact - Yae miko backpack

Genshin impact - Yae miko backpack

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✿The head shrine maiden in charge of Grand Narukami Shrine and a descendant of Kitsune lineage✿

Genshin impact Yae miko backpack!
✧Vegan leather! 
✧11 inches in height
✧9 inches width
Pink detachable straps
Exact same specifications as shogun bag if you own one!

ALL bags come with a free smaller bag pictured last! The bag will be random from the ones listed but feel free to leave a note with 2-3 options and i will try and prioritise them. You can check out those bag details and speicfications on the listing for them here

These are fashion bags and are not meant for heavy item usage. Using items such a heavy laptops or weights will damage the straps of the bag.

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